What Makes Us Great

With 45 years of experience and quality service, Quo Vadis Printers has established itself as a dependable leading printing company. We supply excellent service with a personal touch, continuously branching out our products and services with a commitment to keep with the times and latest developments in the Printing Industry.Quo Vadis Printers (Pty) Ltd was established in 1968 as a family owned printing company and is still running as such. Quo Vadis was derived from the Latin phrase Quo Vadis meaning Wither goest thou? This is a question we as a company ask daily where are we going. Initially Quo Vadis Printers was established as a lithographic printing company and specialized in this field, we have come a long way since then with the constant change of technology and consumers demands changing on a daily basis. Therefore we have broadened our scope of expertise to the digital on demand market and recently we have entered the so called promotional branding market. All of this contributes to an extensive portfolio growing each day.

Who are we?

Our Mission

Operating in a vast changing environment the challenge lies in finding products people prefer to use. We plan on achieving this by enabling ourselves to cater to the demands of people by being informed and up to date with the latest technology and trends, focusing on exceptional service and quality products. At Quo Vadis Printers you bring us your ideas and we piece it together for you.


QVPrinters vision reflects what we as a company are trying to achieve – To breach the ever changing electronic media in our service to the ordinary man.


The Company is managed by Mr H.C. Smit who has more than 40 years printing experience and 23 years as the company's director.